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Loco Dice includes upcoming Jean Pierre single on new mix compilation for Defected Records

on Tuesday, 04 June 2013. Posted in Blog

Loco Dice has mixed the next instalment in Defected's In The House series.

The Desolat chief said the roots of the mix could be traced to when he met Defected's Simon Dunmore at last year's IMS in Ibiza. "I have an entire section dedicated to Defected in my collection," he said. "I grew up with the label's history. I think what they're doing at the moment with combining a lot of different styles and bringing together a diverse range of artists is great. Defected has the freedom to do this, unlike a lot of labels."

Loco Dice In The House has a strong focus on house and techno. Tevo Howard, Kyle Hall, Skudge, Theo Parrish, Marcel Dettmann, Alden Tyrell, Mad Mike and DJ Rolando all appear, alongside a couple of big-room names like Diplo and Harvard Bass. There are also four previously unreleased Desolat tracks exclusive to the compilation: Jean Pierre's "Who U Mad At," Brixton's "LateUp," Federico Grazzini's "Untouchable" and "Give It To You" by Nathan Barato.

Loco Dice Mentions Jean Pierre as new upcoming talent on his Desolat Label

on Monday, 20 May 2013. Posted in Blog

A wave of nostalgia hit me as I sat down to interview Loco Dice right before his show in Detroit on last Friday, May 17th. Following him across the country from his gig on Thursday in Chicago at Spybar to The Works the following night, felt all too familiar to me. It reminded me how I similarly interviewed him on the CNTRL tour after running from city to city with the entire crew. Time however, had not stood still since the November excursion, as Loco Dice has played countless times in the US since then, constantly flying back and forth across continents. All of that is happening while he is in the midst of preparing for his new residency in Ibiza, Used+Abused. We sat down for an extensive chat to catch up not just on recent times playing in the midwest, but also past experiences on Ibiza that have culminated in his residency at Ushuaia this summer.

After playing a series of larger shows, are there any challenges to playing a smaller shows like at Spybar?  I mean the good thing is the main clubs that I'm playing worldwide, I know them because I'm always playing with the same people and clubs. For me, I'm just doing it freestyle, I walk in and I don't even look. I hear the sound, I see the people, I feel the vibe and it gets me to a certain vibe. For me I walk in and I see what's happening, you catch the vibe and you try to adapt. Then you try to walk with them.






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